Access control systems are something that offices employees deal with daily. They are used to enter passcodes and bring their access control ID cards. If your office also has an access control system, and you somehow forget to bring their cards, you’ll probably be standing out until you are allowed inside. However, if you are the one managing the system, you should be concerned about its functionality. Building access control systems are not only for employees’ security but also to keep the property safe. No matter if you have installed an access control system with the latest features, there is always room for improvement. Here are a few tips to enhance your business security.

Upgrade Your Access Control Software

You may think that making timely updates on your access control system isn’t essential, but it is crucial. In most office facilities, employee timings are calculated through the access control systems. If the system is not upgraded, the time calculations can disrupt.

To avoid any such inconvenience, regularly check for malware, remove viruses, and update the firmware. Updating the software of the access system will also keep you updated about the current functionality level and possible vulnerabilities of the system. If the system is too old, you can also replace it with the help of a Locksmith Austin.

Assess The Potential Risks

The next step is a detailed assessment of all the potential risks and what measures you can take to overcome them. First, you should diagnose all the possible threats regarding the building’s security. Then assess the security protocols you are currently following and your level of preparedness for emergencies. Check the security response time, e.g., fire alarms, police, and ambulances. It will help you create a comprehensive plan for improving security measures.

Make Sure The Right People Have Access

In buildings keeping a record of the entry and exit of everyone can be tricky. There is full-time staff, part-time employees. Clients, guests, new candidates, and cleaning staff as well. Make sure the access in your office is limited to only authorized persons. Your access control system should have separate cards for maintenance staff to keep the record. People who are not directly a part of your offices, such as guests and finalized interview candidates, should be assisted inside by a staff member.

Collect All The Keys

Key management is an effective way to increase the security of your building. It is always better the limit the number of people who have spare or master keys. Ensuring that the assets, people, and property are safe, you should know who has access to the keys. For example, if someone from your HR department is leaving the job, make sure to collect all the keys, especially the master keys they have.

Limit The Primary Entrance Points

If your office has multiple access points, you cannot install an access control unit at every door. While multiple entrances can be convenient in other organizations such as schools and hospitals, office entrances become vulnerable. To control the flow of people coming into your office building, limiting access points will definitely work.

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