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Attention to Detail

White Knight Locksmith focuses on the Customers Desired Result. Continuously weighing Aesthetics, Best Industry Practices, and Overall Physical Security while delivering a balanced result that meets the customers’ expectations.


White Knight Locksmith and its staff understand the importance of communication with the Customers. Over the Phone, we provide Up-Front Pricing as Best possible with information provided by Customers.  During the Service Call, we review the Work to be Performed, and Pricing before work begins. Instant Notification to the Customer of any issues found during the job and any Changes to Pricing before work continues.  Final Inspection when the job is completed and before any payment is taken. NO SURPRISES

Sense of Urgency

A sense of Urgency is prevalent in every Service Request received and completed.  TIME IS MONEY.  When calling White Knight to schedule service, customers will be asked when the job needs to be completed.  We understand and are well aware that 75% or more of the jobs we accept are Time Sensitive, this is why we try to establish a deadline upfront. White Knight Locksmith always strives to Under Promise and Over Deliver (the opposite is not acceptable). We also provide our Emergency Locksmith Services in Austin Tx.

Austin Residential And Commercial Locksmiths

Scouting Austin residential and commercial locksmiths? Look no further.

We offer high-security locking systems to provide exceptional protection against unauthorized access, picking, drilling, and other forms of forced entry.


  • Established in 1996, we are among the best-reviewed residential and commercial locksmiths in Austin TX.
  • Among several other Austin residential and commercial locksmiths, our 5-star rating on Yelp for over 10 Years makes us stand out and thrive in the industry.
  • Currently, we are servicing more than 70 commercial facilities in the Austin Metro Area, making us one of the most competitive residential and commercial locksmiths in Austin TX.


Here are some common types of high-security locking systems you might want to consider:

  • Key control systems. These systems use patented or restricted keyways that can only be duplicated by authorized individuals. The keys are usually protected by strict control measures and require proper authorization for duplication.
  • Biometric locks. These use unique physical or behavioral characteristics, such as fingerprints, iris scans, or facial recognition, to grant access. They offer a high level of security as they rely on individual biological traits that are difficult to forge or duplicate.
  • Electronic access control systems. These systems utilize electronic credentials, such as smart cards or key fobs, in combination with electronic locks to control access. Access can be granted or revoked remotely, and the systems often provide audit trails and integration with other security systems.
  • Cylinder locks. As all other reputable residential and commercial locksmiths in Austin TX know, we make sure that our high-security cylinder locks meet the European standard EN 1303:2015 or the American standard ANSI/BHMA Grade 1. Designed to resist picking, drilling, and other forms of tampering, other features like anti-pick pins, hardened steel inserts, and sidebar mechanisms are incorporated.
  • Combination locks. Combination locks require the user to enter a unique sequence of numbers or symbols to unlock the mechanism. High-security combination locks often incorporate additional features like anti-manipulation mechanisms and built-in tamper resistance.
  • Mortise locks. Mortise locks find widespread application in residential homes, commercial buildings, hotels, and other settings that prioritize both security and aesthetics. These locks are particularly favored for front entry doors and interior doors seeking elevated levels of security.

White Knight Locksmith has been in the Austin residential and commercial locksmiths industry for 27 years. Contact us now for a free estimate.

Dan Miller and Dustin Hernandez

About Us

White Knight has been providing dependable, reliable, and quality locksmith service and products to its many commercial and residential clients since 1996 in Austin Tx area.

We are proud to have established long-term partnerships with a large and diverse group of commercial clients including, but not limited to, realtors, property management professionals, childcare, college campuses, health care facilities, and high-tech sites.


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Texas Locksmithing Laws:

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We are a Commercial and Residential
Locksmith Specialist.

We Do Not Service Automotive Customers

Commercial Services

Service / Installation / Repairs for Commercial & Industrial Grade Hardware

Residential Services

We have the knowledge and expertise to Service, Install or Repair all residential grade door hardware.


OKAY. If you’re reading this because you’re trying to figure out if this company/service is legitimate, or if the reviews are real…..trust me: this company is a knight in shining white armor.

—Kevin L.

I lost my key to my mailbox at my condo. This happened to my mom a few months ago and it cost her over $200. Mymail is mostly bills, so it wasn’t urgent, but I knew I had to take care of it soon. I just didn’t have the money and didn’t want to spend over $200 to be able to read junk mail and bills.

—Heidi H.

WHITE KNIGHTS, indeed!!! These guys are freakin amazing. I wanted to write a glowing review yesterday after just speaking with them on the phone, but thought I’d better wait until they actually did the work.

—Sarah A.

These guys are incredible! Punctual, polite, hard working, and soooo fast! I was very impressed with the professionalism and high value of service provided. I will definitely be using them again! Perfect experience.

—Lindsay D.

Dan and Dustin were so fast and flexible getting my house rekeyed. Dustin arrived early, and was in and out in under an hour. It was wonderful and took a huge weight off my mind.

—Sarah W.

I had a great experience with White Knight Locksmith installing keyless deadbolts in my residential home. Easy to book my service, they arrived when they said they would, they did a *perfect* job, and even went above & beyond by installing 3″ screws into my door latches instead of the default 2″ ones, at my request, after having already finished the job with me forgetting to ask in the beginning.

—Jonathan S.

Dan was courteous and especially good with communication. When I called, he asked where I was and then told me that since he was driving, he would need to call me back in 10 minutes. Exactly 10 minutes later, he called and said he could come by in 30-45 minutes . Exactly 30 minutes later (I’m looking at my phone history), he was outside my door calling to make sure the house he thought was ours was right (the address numbers are very faint).

—Kt S.

I called and needed locks changed and asked what the earliest date/time was he could come out. Dan asked, “How about 6:00am tomorrow?” Now that’s service! Thank you Dan.

—Madison L.

Team of Highly Skilled Professionals

Our team is comprised of professionals who are fully trained and equipped with the latest technology in equipment to provide reliable solutions to your lock problems.  We as a team strive to deliver premier locksmith services to our clients

Top-Notch Lock Repair and Installation Services

White Knight Locksmith provides top-notch repairs and installations for all Commercial and Residential Grade Door Hardware.  Rental Properties, Commercial Retail Space, Custom Homes and Industrial Commercial Buildings.  We service them all, No Job Too Big Or Small.

The List of Common Services We Provide