Magnetic door locks are the most convenient and safest option to keep your property protected from unwanted intrusion. These locks provide you with peace of mind and add to the value of your house or office with their modernistic look and versatility.  Magnetic locks are mostly used in commercial spaces where glass doors are common. However, these locks are often neglected when it comes to maintenance; that is why multiple issues arise. Let’s talk about the major malfunctions of magnetic locks and how to fix them.

Possible Problems

Some of the major issues that can arise in magnetic locks are as follows:

Electrical Malfunctioning

There are three common types of electrical problems with mag locks: inadequate power supply, trouble with the power cables, or damaged electronic hardware. The lock will stop working or work inefficiently if there are any of the problems mentioned above.

Unable To Lock And Release

The inability to release is related to the power supply, while the failure to lock results from the problems with the door. The automatic magnetic lock doors can become hard to close because of the faulty installation, a broken cable, or a cut-off power supply.

Physical Weariness

Another problem may be the physical weariness of the lock where the latch is not properly attached to the electric striker. Rust, climatic conditions, and the age of the lock can also troubles with its parts.

Steps To Troubleshooting

While these issues may seem common, you’ll probably need professional help by hiring a commercial locksmith in Austin TX, to troubleshoot these problems. Here are some ways through which these issues can be resolved.

Regular Maintenance

Magnetic locks are versatile in use, affordable, and convenient. However, it doesn’t guarantee lifelong efficiency. These locks get weary if you don’t maintain them the way you should. Although mag locks are reliable, no maintenance can affect their durability. You may think that maintaining the locks isn’t important until an unexpected intrusion occurs or your employees get locked in the office. Make it a routine to clean the lock system properly and keep it lubricated.

Check The Alignment

One of the significant reasons a lock fails to lock and release properly is that it is not aligned the right way. Professional locksmith in Austin have specialized tools to analyze the issue and fix it. You will see that by just adjusting the alignment of the door, the lock will work perfectly.

Replace Damaged Wires

Another issue occurs when the door is fully aligned, but the lock isn’t working. In that case, you need a locksmith to check the lock wiring. Frayed or broken wiring and lack of power supply can affect the functionality of the mag lock. The only solution is to replace the wiring with a new one. 

Replace The Door Or Lock

If the damage is too much, you may need to call experts for door or lock replacement. If the lock stops working completely all of a sudden, you’ll have to replace just the lock. However, if the issue is with the door’s frame, the whole magnetic lock will be replaced.

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