If you want a professional locksmith service, there are so many service providers available, but the problem lies in looking for the fastest and renowned among all that can sort out all your problems. Regarding popularity, White Knight Locksmith has made a solid reputation in town in terms of mobile locksmith service. We offer emergency services to the house, business, and car owners in the time of need. Our technicians are experts in taking proper care of such situations when it is required to break into a house or an office in case the keys are lost or damaged. We are always available for our customers and provide door to door locksmith for your comfort and convenience.

Door Unlocking Service Austin TX 

Finding yourself locked out of your home, apartment, or office door is the last thing you would want. We understand how frustrating it can be when your keys are left inside or lost somewhere. Call the pros at White Knight Locksmith instead of waiting endlessly or trying to unlock the door with a screwdriver. Whether you have a standard door lock or a keypad lock, our lock experts can access your property without forcing the lock. We ensure that the door is unlocked without damaging it. Our lock experts are trained to unlock any door, be it the main door, bedroom door, or heavy commercial door.

Broken Keys Making

We have been making keys for years, and we can do it again! Whether your keys are broken, lost, or stuck inside the lock, our key makers can make new ones for you. Our experience allows us to provide high-quality key-making services, offering value for money on all your lock issues. Our team is highly qualified and offers you more than just a lock replacement or new keys with a long-standing tradition of providing exceptional customer service standards.

Smart Lock Installation And Repair

Installing smart locks is becoming a wide opted choice for home and business owners. These locks simplify your life without compromising on security. Smart locks are an investment that could be ruined by the cheap lockmasters who just don’t get it. Enhance your home and commercial unit security by calling White Knight Locksmith for the best smart lock installation services. We take pride in offering unmatched convenience, increased safety, and advanced solutions without breaking your bank.

Many people lose money on smart lock replacements because they aren’t sure what is wrong with the mechanism. Repairing a smart lock is equally confusing if you don’t have the technical skill for it. Our locksmiths will solve any lock-related problems you might experience, whether a broken lock, damaged keypad, or a failed connection with your network.

No service for automotive

Re-Keying And Lock Installation Services:

It’s highly recommended that you find a reliable locksmith to ensure the security of your home or office. White All local lock experts provide professional lock installation services at reasonable prices. Get a safe and secure lock installed and added to your home by our professional technicians. We provide locks and keys for commercial establishments as well as homes and apartment buildings. We are committed to providing you with the best service possible at all times. While working on your locks, we’ll be sure to grab our tools to ensure a seamless installation process. 

Not only do we offer the best lock installations, but our skilled lock technicians can also rekey your locks when you move to a new house or your old tenants leave your place. We provide reliable and affordable lock rekeying services to residents and business owners in TX. Our team is trained and certified in rekeying all types of locks. All of our work is performed professionally, and we never intentionally damage the locks. 

A Fast Response Time

People often get locked out or got their car keys broken where they can’t find a locksmith. Our locksmiths carry all the tools and technology that can easily trace your location. White Knight Austin mobile locksmith operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you won’t have to worry in a lockout situation. The safety of your life and property is our top priority which is never compromised with delay.

Fast, Honest, Local, Professional Service You Can Trust

White Knight Locksmith provides quality locksmith services in Austin, TX. We specialize in lock-outs, lost keys, re-keying locks and keys, master key systems, and more. If you have a broken lock or need a new key made, call us today. We are a team of professional lockmasters with hands-on experience in installing, repairing, and replacing any lock and key. Whether you need quick access to your commercial building or upgrade your apartment security with a keypad lock, we can do it all! We are experts in the field of locksmithing, providing our clients with quality services at affordable prices. 

Our professionals are trained and equipped with the best tools to help you troubleshoot potential lock problems. We offer round-the-clock availability to provide immediate solutions to any of your lock concerns. Our mobile service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide you with all the lock services you may need.

Budget-Friendly and Exceptional Services

Since we are the best in Austin TX, we provide our customers with the highest quality locksmith services that are durable and last longer than they think. Our locks and keys are made with the top quality materials available in the market and when their installation comes to the right hands of our professionals, they will give you a lifetime advantage. Our services of a mobile locksmith in Austin TX does not demand you to come to us for selection of locks or keys, instead we come to you with our complete portfolio and all the locks and design which you want to see. We have been providing ease and comfort to many of our clients with our mobile locksmith service. Offering door to door service does not mean we will be heavy on your pockets, we are providing all the locksmith services that you could need with very convenient and budget-friendly prices.

White Knight has been providing Austin mobile locksmith services for over two decades. Due to so many years of experience with quality work, we understand all your commercial, residential and auto locksmith needs and cover the services that would make you more safe and secure than before. From locks mending to installation, key duplication to installation of security cameras, we got you covered. Consider White Knight while hiring a professional locksmith company and get benefited by our mobile locksmith services and commercial locksmith services to save yourself a lot of time and energy.