Residential Services

If you are hiring a locksmith in Bastrop TX, we make it easy for you to choose White Knight Locksmith.   We will come to you and quickly solve your security needs. If you look at all the requirements of a good locksmith our company will tick each and every box on the list of those requirements.

Lock Repair White Knight Locksmith

White Knight, the best locksmith in Bastrop, TX could be the one you want to hire if you want top-notch locksmith services! Our workers will do your work at such a pace that you are sure to be left dumbfounded once you see their speed. And with fast speed, their precision and quality of work will not get low or effected in any way, the quality of work and how they do their work will still be up to the mark.

Electrical Lock Control Systems

In this advanced era, White Knight is successfully providing electrical lock control systems in your residential and commercial property. By installing these smart electrical lock controls at your place you can ease your self to the fullest. If someone is out there at your door, your one voice command will be enough to unlock the door. In case you got a fracture and no one is there to lock the door for you, just give a voice command and your door will be locked and you can have all the privacy. In such instances, if you forgot to lock the main door and you are already halfway through the stairs, you just need to send one command and there you go, your door is locked.

This system is also easily manageable and you can easily do change in the settings from your phone. In easier words, every setting is just a tap away, you can now be anywhere and can change the settings. Our White Knight locksmith in Bastrop TX also provides online cloud service, which means in case you are somewhere far from home, you will just have to open your phone and you can keep an eye on your house. With us, you can avail the top-notch services of a locksmith with high-security systems at good costs. You can trust our company with your and your family’s security and be tension free because your safety is in good hands.

Locksmith to Open

Got Locked Out of Your Office or Home?

White Knight, the best locksmith in Bastrop, TX is also helping its clients with the unmatched commercial and residential lockout services, so if you got locked out and have no time to waste, White Knight has got you. White Knight will provide your residency and business place every locksmith service you need, and we deliver our level best. Our company is well known in Texas for the precision of the work we do and how we deliver services to our clients. Our company hopes that if you choose White Knight as your locksmith in Bastrop TX, we deliver only our best. Our clients’ safety is our most important and top priority. We are proud to offer a full range of services of a locksmith in Round Rock, Bastrop, and other cities of Texas as well.