Our highly trained locksmiths understand the urgency of situations that require rekeying. We know that unexpected events can happen at any time, leaving you concerned about the security of your property. Thus, we offer our Pflugerville 24 hour emergency locksmith service, ensuring that our team is ready to respond to your rekeying needs promptly and efficiently.


As a 24 hour emergency locksmith in Pflugerville TX with 27 years of experience, we have re-keyed locks for thousands of satisfied clients. Here’s how the re-keying process typically works:

  • Removing the cylinder. To re-key a lock, we will remove the lock cylinder from the lock housing by unscrewing a retaining screw or releasing a latch on the lock.
  • Disassembling the cylinder. We will then disassemble it to access the key pins and springs inside.
  • Changing the pins: In re-keying, we’ll replace the old key pins with new ones to correspond to a different key.
  • Reassembling the cylinder: After installing the new pins and reassembling the cylinder, we will align the pins and springs.
  • Testing and installation. We will then test the re-keyed lock cylinder to ensure smooth operation with the new key. Once tested, we will reinstall the lock housing.


  • Enhanced security. Re-keying a lock eliminates the possibility of old keys being used to gain unauthorized access to the property. It is useful when moving into a new property or when keys have been lost or stolen. To keep your property safe, leave re-keying to a 24 hour emergency locksmith in Pflugerville TX like us.
  • Convenience. It allows you to operate multiple locks with a single key. It can be beneficial for multiple locks throughout your property, reducing the number of keys you need to carry.
  • Cost savings. Have your locks professionally re-keyed by a 24 hour emergency locksmith in Pflugerville TX like us and save money.
  • Versatility. Re-keying can be done on various types of locks, including door locks, padlocks, and even some types of electronic locks, depending on the specific model and capabilities.

For precise and efficient re-keying, hire a professional Pflugerville 24 hour emergency locksmith like us. Especially for complex or high-security locks, White Knight Locksmith has the necessary tools and expertise to perform the re-keying process accurately.