Do you know how to open a door without a key or by cracking a mechanical keypad? There’s no reason to worry if you haven’t mastered this skill. Here are several ways to crack a mechanical keypad so that you can be prepared the next time you’re locked out of your home or business.

To break a mechanical keypad door lock, you need to drill a small hole at the bottom of your door lock. After drilling, insert a pick into the hole and push it downward. The lock will open automatically without any damage to the lock mechanism.

Steps to Crack a Mechanical Door Lock:

A mechanical door lock is a secure way to protect your belongings. If this happens, we suggest changing the passcode. Otherwise, you will lock yourself out of your home or business. Following are some tips to crack a mechanical door lock if you forget the passcode.

  • Try to enter the right code on the keypad. Code length depends on the keypad door lock and security type. 
  • You have to be careful what kind of passcode to unlock your doors. 
  • Try to enter phone numbers, birthdays, and other important life dates. After six failed attempts, the keypad will lock for five minutes.
  • Find locks bypass key; this key should be safe, such as a safe, drawer, and key ring.
  • Try to break the mechanical door lock.

 If you can’t crack the code, it is best to break it.

What you need to break the lock?

You will need the following things to break the lock.

Drill Driver

A drill driver is ideal for drilling a hole in plastic, wood, and metal materials. You can move the drill in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

If you want to control the amount of power to transfer to the screws, you can select a drill driver with a clutch; you will identify the power the drill driver needs to make a desired size of the hole. If you need to create a small hole, you don’t need high power.

Drill Bit

The drill bit is essential to protect from heating up and snapping. The type of drill bit you need depends on the drill material. If you don’t know the type of metal your lock is made up of, you can choose a high-speed steel drill because it is ideal for ferrous, non-ferrous materials, and carbon steel.

If the lock covering is iron or steel, you can use a cobalt bit. But if it is a copper and zinc material, you can choose a carbide bit. When choosing the size of the bit for metals, it must have the same size as the hole you will create.

Middle Smack Tool and Hammer

A center punch is a metal rock with a sharp point. It is useful in helping with drilling to protect the drill from bending. You can use a center punch that is thinner and sharper than other types. It makes drilling easy and smooth by creating deeper holes.

You will need a hammer to use this middle smack tool. Please ensure that you use the flat face of the hammer as you make a blow to the center punch. You can also use a small hammer if you don’t have a big hammer.

Pick Tool

The pick tool is the best kit because it comes with hooks. Pick tools are normally used for automotive maintenance, especially if you need to clean channels and position some wires. They are also thin enough to prick into holes.

You can invent a metal paperclip tool if you don’t have a pick. It must be thin to fit into the hole. Additionally, it must be sturdy so that it won’t break. Straighten it using a pair of pliers so that you can use it as a pick tool. If you don’t have a paper clip, you can also use a thin metal wire. It must be thin enough to fit into the hole and sturdy so that it won’t bend.

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are essential to wear as preventive measures. If you are not wearing safety glasses while drilling, it can cause an eye injury. Fit these googles tightly to the eyes and facial area to protect them from impact, dust, splashes, and vapor.

There are two types of safety glasses you can choose from.

Vented Goggles

  • Comfortable to use
  • Hole to flow air

Non Vented googles

  • No holes
  • Higher level of protection

If you don’t own safety glasses, you can also use face shields. While working with fire objects use of polycarbonate material is preferred because they are protective eyewear to fit your face.

To Conclude

Is it not easy following the steps to break into a keypad door lock? This method is easier than hacking a keypad door lock.

But if you think you are not expert enough to do it on your own. Don’t worry; White Knight Locksmith has a solution. All of our technicians are trained to crack mechanical door locks, whether it’s for your residential property or commercial property.

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