It is tough to imagine a worse ending to a fun night when returning home and finding that some thieves have broken into your home. You need to do a lot to stop a home invasion by making some simple household fixes and upgrades. Here are some ways to make these thieves think twice before entering your home.

Keep Your Entry Doors Locked

The most susceptible entry points to your home are doors and windows. Make sure to install strong deadbolt locks and window bars that can detect uninvited entry. In addition, consider motion sensors and surveillance cameras to keep an eye on common entry points when you are away from home.

Install Intercoms

Intercoms offer the ability to inspect visitors to your home. They allow you to screen visitors to your property through visual or audio capabilities. This way, you can make sure you are only allowing people who are meant to be inside your home.

Update Your Locks

Installing a premium quality door lock is a crucial step to protect your home from home invaders. If it’s been a time since you have updated your locks, inspect them. Are any of the locks damaged? Could extra keys be floating around with strangers? Are any of the exterior locks easy to pick? If the answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, it could be time to replace or update your locks with more advanced locks.

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Reinforce The windows and Doors

What if your locks are solid and updated, but your door and windows are weak and flimsy. This could allow someone inside the home in seconds. Inspect all entry points, especially those on the first floor replace, repair them as needed.

  • Replace exterior doors that are broken and damaged or add additional support.
  • Ensure that Door hardware is installed correctly so that the deadbolt can’t quickly be forced out of the door jamb.
  • Place window sensors that sound an alert when the window breaks
  • Install pin locks to keep the windows secure
  • Put up curtains to keep valuables out of sight
  • Keep your garage secured

Consider a High-End Security System

You need to get a home security system and display the sign prominently. No thief wants to risk being caught in the act. They should be at a distance that is high enough not to be reached. These are excellent ways to make crocks think before entering. Consider wrapping your cameras in a protected mesh to prevent intrudes from attempting to damage them.

Burglarproof Your Lawn

The last step to complete the home security camera system is to access the footage on your smartphone, desktop, or tablet. Most CCTV manufacturers have mobile and desktop applications from where you can easily monitor your home remotely.

Contact a Professional

Safeguarding your home doesn’t have to be a task. It can be fun. If you don’t want to do it by yourself, contact a professional residential locksmith Austin like White Knight to increase the security of your home. You won’t regret the peace of mind that comes with securing your home and keeping your family safe.

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